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A web site is now the standard in perceptions of a business or organization. A web site can literally make or break you in today's modern world of high tech.

Why pay thousands of dollars for a web site when all you need is a small to medium site to get you connected to your audience.

Snoopy Dude Graphics and Web Design (SDG) is tailored to help out the "little man". With low cost designs and personal contact, we provide that small town feeling to insure that you get exactly the web site you desire.  We tailor our services to meet your needs. We can design, set up, maintain and update your site, or simply design an easy site for you to maintain yourself.  We will work with you to find the cheapest hosting site to fit your needs rather than offer one or two packages.  For more information about our services, click here.

SDG builds easy-to-use, artfully designed Web sites. We listen carefully as you tell us what your site needs to do, who your visitors will be, how you want the site to "feel," and what information your site will include.  For website portfolio, click here

We design and build your Web site a step at a time.

Who are your visitors? What will they be looking for? How will they use your site? What browsers and monitors are they likely to use?

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Key planning questions include:

  • what's the purpose of your Web site?
  • who do you expect to use your site? who's the audience?
  • how Web-savvy is your audience?
  • what information will your visitors want to find?
  • will you collect any information from visitors?
  • will you be processing credit card information?
  • how soon do you want the site to be up and running?
  • who will handle future updates? Will we maintain your site or do you want to maintain your own site? If the latter, what tools do you have available and do you need training?

What is your budget, now and in the future?

SDG will estimate the cost to design and build your initial Web site. Be sure to budget for future updates, domain name registration, Web hosting costs, and marketing, too.

Keeping a Web site current and accurate is essential! It lets your constituency know you are paying attention and providing them with the most current information possible.


Your site's "look and feel" and what information to include now and in the future. Your site will be pleasing to look at, well-structured, and easy to use. more on design
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Key design questions include:

  • is there an organizational "look" you want to maintain?
  • do you have a logo, graphics, or photographs? what format are they in?
  • do you want us to design a new logo or banner?
  • how "fast" should your site be?
  • what information do you want to include, now and in the future?
  • how should your site be organized? What are the main areas of interest and what is secondary?
  • how much copywriting or editing is involved?

Site navigation -- usability

We pay particular attention to site navigation ... how people find their way around your Web site. We use cascading style sheets for layout and presentation, making your site easier to maintain and reducing file size and server load.


We use current versions of professional Web development and graphic design software to build your new site. You'll see concepts and pages along the way to be sure we are meeting your expectations.
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Your site will have:

  • a "look and feel" that reflects your organization or industry and appeals to your audience.
  • informative content, edited for quick and easy reading.
  • logical and easy-to-follow site navigation.
  • graphics, photos, and images that add interest and value.


We provide ongoing site maintenance for most of our clients. Training available if you want to do basic updates using Macromedia Contribute.
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We provide ongoing site maintenance for most of our clients. Except for major site overhauls or additions, we make site changes within a few hours of receiving your emailed instructions. We'll provide training if you wish to do your own basic updates using Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Web Exppressions.

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